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No credit card needed is a One Stop Solution for service companies accepting appointments of any type. With you get a professional booking website, or a widget if you already have a website, where you can accept online bookings 24/7. On top of that you can accept online and on site POS payments, promote your business with marketing tools, showcase your business through a photo gallery, send automatic reminders, accept reviews and so much more. Last but not least you can create packages to boost your business even further.

More bookings, more sales using packages

Encourage your customers to buy more in the future by creating packages of one or multiple services in one bundle. If you also sell products, combine them with packs of services and reward people with discounts for their loyalty.

Packages is also a great way to promote some of your new products or add-ons. Create a package with some of your most popular services and products and then include your latest service or product that you want to promote to your clients. Offer a package like that to your clients at a discounted price, compared to buying the items individually, and they will love it!

Another way of benefitting from creating packages to sell, is to use them to reward your most loyal clients. You can create special VIP Packages for your best clients only to make them feel truly loved :)

sales packages

It’s easy to use!

Activate the packages custom feature in your admin interface. You can then create packages of services, add-ons, classes, and products. Yes, this really is possible! Your clients can then buy your package online and book the prepaid services from the package whenever they need. You can also sell packages directly to clients with the’s POS feature.

You don’t have to worry at all about how much is left in a package, as the system takes care of this. However, you can look up the status of a client package at any time if needed in the Package report.


Driving School

Driving lessons - 20 sessions
20 session
Driving Instructor Handbook
1 unit
Written test preparation
1 session
Purchase pack

Yoga Studio

One-on-one yoga basics
1 session
10 Yoga class sessions
10 session
1 Yoga Mat
1 unit
1 Water bottle
1 unit
Purchase pack

Your customers will love the packages feature:

  • They can pay and check-out just once instead of making multiple purchases
  • They can get a discount for buying services, to be used in the future
  • They can see the number of remaining sessions at all times

Why you will love creating packages:

  • Sell multiple occurrences of one service
  • Mix multiple occurrences of several service types in one package
  • Mix services with add-ons and products
  • Can be issued by you or purchased by clients
  • Make multiple packages available on your site for purchase
  • Define the validity period of the package
  • See how many occurrences are left within each package
  • Offer price discounts when your clients buy a package
  • Includes reports with package overview
See how easy it is to setup a package package video preview

It’s simple, start today!

package include
  • Create a package of services/products
  • Suggest a discount for buying a set of services (vs. buying a single service)
  • Propose your clients to pay in advance without being bothered about further payments, and let them book whenever it suits them.
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"Since implementing Simplybook, online bookings increased over 400% and our no-show rate for online bookings has dropped by 30%"

"Since implementing Simplybook, online bookings increased over 400% and our no-show rate for online bookings has dropped by 30%"

Jared from Mandel Dermatology

Our favorite features include:

  • Calendar Sync with your personal calendar
  • Intake Forms
  • Accept online and on-site payments with our POS feature
  • Gift Cards and Coupons
  • Packages
  • Rewards and Referrals
  • Photo Gallery and Instagram photo sharing
  • Extra pages or News page to the booking website

Join thousands of happy users and create a business that your clients will love!

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