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Designed from the ground up

We designed the membership custom feature from the ground up to allow users to sell memberships, either on a recurrent or individual purchase basis. You can use the membership feature to allow for general access to particular facilities and at the same time, enable clients to book services or classes associated with the membership.

Works for both services & classes

The membership feature works perfectly for both services and classes. You can attach specific services and classes to the membership, and the number of sessions that a client can book could be determined by the type of membership purchased. This functionality allows for the creation of different membership levels, where distinct memberships have different class and facility allowances, depending on the level they select. An example of this would be a membership to a virtual golf training facility, where certain membership levels include a set number of bookable sessions per month. Bronze membership would include up to 5 bookings per month, Silver up to 10, with Platinum consisting of 20 bookable sessions and a free drink at the end of their training.

Obviously, there are various different scenarios to which you can apply the membership feature to different business types.

Sell membership online or using the POS

The membership solution fits perfectly with the sales management system and clients who purchase membership online will be sent immediate invoices for their membership purchase. The sales management system / POS can also be used by staff to sell membership, create invoice and membership access while the client is physically present.

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Incentivise on-time payments

Our membership feature will allow you to set different purchase prices for the initial fee and subsequent premium payments. You can use this facility to charge an initial setup fee. Moreover, if your client fails to manually purchase their recurring membership they will be obliged to pay the initial setup fee again. This is a great option to have for incentivising on-time payments.

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Create recurring membership on site

If you operate an on-site POS terminal, and your recurring sales use either automated bank transfers or card payments, you can create reflecting automatic membership renewals in the system. The membership profile will renew for the specified periods or until you cancel the profile, which you would do when a client defaults on payment. If you also accept cash, you can have the system auto-create a membership order, which you will then need to accept on payment before it becomes effective.

Extensive reporting

An extensive reporting system enables you to find the status of all members and their membership payments. You can access both the client profiles and membership profiles from this report. In addition, you can accept unsupported payment methods that clients may pay on-site.

Flexible notification system

The membership feature has a client notification system for all circumstances. For as long as your client remains registered, you can send automated messages, most notably when their membership is expiring or has expired. You can use these notifications to remind and encourage the client to renew their membership with your business. For example, you can prompt your clients three times when their membership is ready to expire, or when manual recurring payments are due. You can customise all of the notification text so that all of your outgoing messages reflect your business branding and mission.

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