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Integrate with your favourite business tools

Integrate with your favourite business tools integrates with a range of business tools to help you automate your work. See below all the native integrations we offer, as well as the collaborationintegration possibilities via Zapier. Zapier works as a connector between and offers a wide range of business tools, allowing you to send information from to other business apps.

Website Bookings

  • Your Own Website Native

    Add a “Book Now” button to your website.

  • Wordpress Native

    Add your booking page to your WordPress website.

  • Joomla Native

    Add your booking page to your Joomla website.

  • Other website builders Widget

    Add a “Book Now” widget to any type of website you might have.

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Accept Bookings via Social media

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  • Instagram Native

    Do you want a “Book Now” button on your Instagram profile? Enable the custom feature, and you will be able to offer your clients the ability to book your services right from your Instagram page.

  • Facebook Native

    Offer your clients the ability to book services from your Facebook business profile. You will get a “Book Now” button on your Facebook profile, and be able to list your services too. In addition, you can include a “Book Now” button on your Facebook posts and ads.

  • Google my Business Native

    Add a “Book Now” button to your Google Business profile. Make sure that whenever people are searching for your business and find it on Google that they can book your services right away.

  • Line in Asia Native

    If you are working in the Asia region, then you are familiar with Line. natively integrates with Line, allowing your clients to book your services right through the Line Booking bot.

Video Meetings

  • MS Teams Native

    With the MS Teams video feature, you can offer video meetings right from your booking website. The client will attend the video meeting directly from your booking website, but you will host the meeting via the Microsoft Teams platform.

  • Gruveo Unique link

    With Gruveo, your clients book a meeting with you and receive an email with a hash link to a Gruveo online meeting. After clicking on the link, they will be connected to a secure “meeting room” where your video appointment takes place.

  • Google Meet Unique link

    With you can add Google Meet links to your bookings and your clients will receive an invite to a Google event within their booking confirmation. There they can accept it and add the meeting to their personal calendar. When the meeting is due, both you and the client can attend via the Google Link provided, whether it's an audio or video meeting.

  • Zoom Direct link or via Zapier

    By enabling the Zapier custom feature, you can connect your system to your Zoom system. See here for the connection options, or ask our Live Chat if you need further information.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing image
  • MailChimp via Zapier

    Do you want to send email campaigns from MailChimp? No problem! With the help of Zapier, all created clients in can be automatically added to your client list in Mailchimp. You can read more about it here

  • Constant Contact via Zapier

    Have you been using Constant Contact for your email campaigns? Then you can connect and Constant Contact via Zapier and all your contacts in will automatically be added to Constant Contact. You can read more about it here.

  • Active Campaign via Zapier

    Sync your client list from with ActiveCampaign using Zapier. That way, you can use Active Campaign for your email campaigns. Every newly created contact in will be added automatically to Active Campaign.

Analytics and Conversions

  • Google Adwords and Analytics Native

    Use Google Adwords and Analytics custom features to gain better insight into your business. You will be able to track whether a given advertisement resulted in a scheduled appointment.

  • Facebook Pixel

    Use your Facebook Ads Pixel to track visitors, and create audiences based on these events. If you haven’t already created a Facebook Pixel, here are some precise instructions on how to do so.

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  • Salesforce via Zapier

    Sync all your client list with Salesforce via Zapier.

  • Google Contacts via Zapier

    Sync all your client list with Google Contact via Zapier.

  • InfusionSoft via Zapier

    Sync all your client list with InfusionSoft via Zapier.

  • MessageDesk via Zapier

    A business text message platform where you can manage all sms sent to clients.

Payment Processors

  • Stripe Native

    Accept payments from your clients upon booking via Stripe. Stripe offers various payment options like credit cards, wire transfers, digital wallets and more.

  • PayPal Native

    Accept payments from your clients upon booking via PayPal.

  • Range of payment provider Native

    We offer a wide range of payment providers all around the world.

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Other Integrations

  • Instagram Photo Sharing Native

    With the Instagram photo sharing feature, you can upload pictures to your Insta account, and those images will automatically appear on your booking website.

  • Client login via Social Media profiles Native

    Let your clients login by using their Google, Facebook or Twitter profiles.

  • Google Translate Native

    If you have clients speaking different languages booking your services, then Google Translate's automatic translation is for you. It allows you to offer your clients the option to pick their language and make an appointment in their native tongue.

  • MS Azure - Single Sign On (SSO) Native

    Set up a Single Sign-On process for you as the system admin and your account users enabling login to system from MS Azure applications panel. You can create users in MS Azure within the desired access level groups, and the corresponding user types will be added in your system on the first login.

  • Outlook & Google Calendar Sync Native

    If you are using Outlook or Google calendars, then you can easily sync with your current calendar and get all appointments in a familiar interface. All bookings will be listed in your personal calendar, and you will never double book your time again.

  • QuickBooks & FreshBooks Native Integrations + Xero Native

    Our QuickBooks and FreshBooks integrations streamline appointment scheduling and accounting, eliminating manual entries and errors. They automatically sync sales and refund data to your QuickBooks or FreshBooks account, including item details. For Xero users, CSV files can be exported from to Xero.

API - Integrate with any system

API integrations image offers an extensive API to enable you to connect with other business tools. Our API gives you access to all the booking data to build and deploy scheduling capabilities to your clients, providing them with a 24/7 booking platform. Additionally, you can use numerous custom feature functions that enhance your scheduling module and the customer experience or add trigger functions.